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orthcoming, spring 2013:
The Easy Burden of Pleasing God


The Gospel of Christmas:
Reflections for Advent

Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Release Date: September 2012

The first gospel—that is, good news—of the gospels is God's fulfillment of the ancient promise of a Messiah in the form of a helpless human baby. This is not just good news, it's the best news ever! Patty Kirk peers closely through the lens of this good news and the generations of longing that preceded it at her own Christmases and Advents as a child believer, as an atheist, and as the adult believer she eventually became.



A Field Guide to God: A Seeker's Manual

Publisher: Guideposts Books
Release Date: February 2010

The story of amateur believer Patty Kirk's struggle—beginning in her years of atheism and continuing on into her present faith—to sense the presence of a God who can't be seen, heard, or touched. To help fellow and aspiring believers in their own search for God's presence, Kirk proposes practical exercises in the mechanics of seeking.

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Confessions of an Amateur Believer

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: January 2007

An entertaining collection of inspirational, gritty, challenging writing that follows an unwilling atheist's first encounters with God, her ensuing struggles and progress as a reluctant believer, and her ultimate discovery of contentment and rest in faith.

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  Coming January 2008

Starting from Scratch:
Memoirs of a Wandering Cook

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: January 2008

A candid and engaging food memoir—complete with recipes!—in which good food beckons from the past as well as the future: surrounding us, eluding us, drawing us, defining us.

Reviews: Christine Sismondo of the Toronto Star

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